Heidi has an extraordinary eye for capturing the beauty and essence of who you are, while at the same time making you completely at ease.

Heidi gets constantly asked at social gatherings and functions, what kind of photography do you do?

Her answer is always the same; she loves photographing people. 

People and photography have always worked in harmony - they go hand in hand - both have imperfections and little quirks.  However, once their spirit is captured you can reveal their true magnificence, and the perfection that lies within - the fun is discovering that magnificence. 

Heidi began her photography journey over 12 years ago after feeling burnt out in a corporate IT job.

She knew that there was something else that roused her being, and so she turned to photography to expand her people skills, and explore her artistic side.  Almost immediately she swapped her mouse and spreadsheets, and instead begun using camera and light for a brush to paint peoples lives through the lens. 

She learnt not only to see with her eyes, but also to feel with them, and used her newfound vision to seek out profound images of people that captured humanities colour and radiance.  With her unique style and visual conceptualizations she was instantly contracted by some of the top studios in Melbourne and after honing her skills there she started her own business - a love affair with the lens was born. 

The years have rolled by.  She has travelled across Europe, Australia, Southamerica and Asia, but the reason she takes pictures of humanity remain the same.  Her love of people and the rare way that only a camera can capture them. For Heidi, one without the other is impossible to imagine!

Now a permanent fixture with her own studio in Bayside for over six years, Heidi helps people discover a sense of belonging and connection in themselves through stunning imagery and conceptual frameworks.

Heidi specialises in family/kids portraits, acting/modelling shots, business headshots and commercial images. 

She uses storytelling, creative innovation and visual voodoo to create images that nourish the eyes and mind, and that pop out and make your heart go thump...