Headshots for children models and children actors

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We love helping young talent to shine. Heidi created all talent headshots for a local childrens modelling agency for a number of years and has photographed hundreds of children from newborn through to teens. Photographing children takes patience and love, for small and big people it takes a little while to be comfortable in front of the lens. It should always be fun though!

Our photography sessions are light-hearted and playful while still focused on the final professional result. Kids usually have a real confidence boost after a sitting with Heidi.

Like for any other session, it is really important to prepare well. Think about outfits, different “looks”, accessories like hats, jewellery, scarfs, sporting items. For any talent, a variety of different outfits works really well to show their range. If you are planning a headshot session for your child, give us a call at the studio to get some ideas. Outdoor locations can also mix up the look and the feel of the portfolio.

What is a good time of the day for your (outdoor) portraits?

We receive many requests for outdoor images. A lot of families would like to be photographed on the beach or in a park. We are always happy to add some outdoor images to your shoot (weather permitting). The client can also opt for outdoor only family portraits. You may have a spot that is really special to you.

When it comes to booking a time for an outdoor session, we always recommend to shoot during the “golden hour”. The golden hour is a term for the hour before and just after sunset when the sun is low in the sky and the light is often golden and soft. Many lifestyle product and fashion images are created that time of the day (think about mexican beer ads for example). Images often have a soft glow and the light is flattering.

Earlier in the day, the sun is much higher in the sky and a lot harsher for people photography. Still, stunning fashion images are often created in the full sun, you will just find that the model may wear sunglasses or is closing his/her eyes or looking down. For portraiture, later in the day is preferable.

This applies especially to family portraits taken at the beach, where there is usually no shadow available. Families with young children need to take this into consideration as sunset time is often too late for babies and toddlers to be co-operative and smiling. In winter it is usually around 5-6pm and in summer between 7-8pm.

We often capture images in the park earlier in the day for those clients who do not wish to have a late session but still want outdoor portraits. Trees give some nice shadow and flattering coverage without the harsh contrast of the full sun. The below family portrait was taken during the golden hour at the park.


What look should you go for with your photoshoot?

One of the things you can do to help your photographer is to have a think about what you want the final image to look like. Do you want to photographed in the studio or outdoors (or both)? Do you have a special spot that you would like your photographer to travel to and meet you there? Do you want to be photographed in your home or at your office? We always offer to do an obligation free site visit if you would like us to come to you. We come to the desired location at the time of the booking usually a week or a few days before hand to check lighting and general environment. With any of our studio shoots we always offer some outdoor portraits as well, beach and a local park are both fairly close to the studio.

In the studio there are also multiple options - different coloured backdrops, or environmental natural light portraits in the studio. Lots of choices. If you are unsure, what look and feel you would like to create, do some research online and see what appeals to you. It is helpful to send inspiration images to your photographer before the shoot. This applies to most of our work, headshots, family portraits and even product photography.

The below image was taken at the clients office, I set up a full headshot studio there for the individual headshots. We needed a good spot for the team photo and stairs are always great for setting up groups as the steps help to “layer” staff.


What to wear for family portraits?


I get this question very often when clients book in or inquire about a family portrait shoot. When you invest in professional family portraits you want to get the outfits right. It is important to avoid anything that is very distracting. Avoid patterns, stripes, prints and logos. After all, in gorgeous family portraits that stand the test of time, it is all about the relationship between family members and not about the stripey shirt. The garments can still express your personal style and taste - just as long as they are not very busy. Similar colours also work well in family photos. Try to reduce colours to 2-3 colours maximum for all family members. Variations of the same shade colour also works very well. Check out my family portrait gallery for more examples